Shocks and Struts

Your car’s shocks and struts keep it from bouncing down our Northeast Ohio roads, especially over rough patches and holes. Shocks and struts are different, but they serve the same purpose. Shocks are less complex and they are smaller. They are a single cylinder positioned in the open. They are also less expensive. They are used to cushion the motion of leaf springs in a car. Struts are much larger, and they are more complex. They are set in, surrounded by the coil spring. With their size, weight and complexity, they are the more expensive of the two types of motion dampeners. Our technicians at Chardon Square Auto Repair know which your car needs and will change it for you if needed.

shocks and strutsFaulty shocks and struts can cause steering instability. In fact, a car with bad shocks and struts can become so unmanageable that it is unsafe to drive. You can imagine what all that bouncing can do to the tread of your tires. The tread wears prematurely and unevenly. Bad struts and shocks can cause many parts of the car to fail before their time. At Chardon Square Auto & Body, we can assess the condition of your struts and shocks to see if they are causing problems for you. If they are, we know just what it takes to replace them correctly.

Our technicians can determine if your shocks or struts are leaking air or oil. If they are, we will be glad to replace them for you. There is no way to guess when you will need shocks or struts. You just drive your car until you feel excessive bouncing or see unusual wear patterns on your tires. Even then, you may not know for sure that the problem is in your shocks or struts. Our skilled technicians can tell you the condition of your shocks and struts and assess whether you need new ones.


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