Cooling System

Cooling systems help decrease the temperature in the inner workings of your car, which has a combustion engine. Your car, then, is burning fuel to make motion, and it would get too hot if you did not do something to counteract all that heat. Checking coolant fluid Chardon OhioThe main function of a cooling system is to protect the engine. Overheating can crack the cylinder heads of the engine. It can lead to blown gaskets. It can warp or crack the pistons and it can cause burnt injectors and rings. Beyond that, an auto can even catch fire if it overheats enough.

There are two main types of cooling systems - air cooled engines and liquid cooled engines. However, most cars are water cooled. If you have an air cooled engine, our technicians will help with the special knowledge that air cooled cooling systems require. You can have our technicians check out your cooling system routinely, just to make sure it is good repair. For a liquid-based system, we will first look the system over, including the radiator, the cooling engine fan, and belts and hoses. Next comes a pressure test in which the technician puts the liquid cooling system under pressure to test for leaks that show up outside the system.

car over heatingAnother pressure test will be performed to check for leaks inside the system. A third pressure test will make sure that the radiator cap is solid, secure and will hold the pressure. The technician will check the thermostat to make sure it opens and closes the way that it should. The final step of routine cooling system maintenance is doing a complete flush of the system and refilling it with new coolant. Our technicians are skilled at helping you keep up with your cooling system maintenance.

We are also available to do cooling system repairs. You car might simply need a new thermostat. Radiators may spring leaks because of waste products that build up inside of them, or because of collisions. Radiator fans stop working sometimes, and they must be fixed to keep the radiator from overheating. Water pumps sometimes start leaking or seize up and stop moving the liquid in the system; when this happens, they need to be changed for new ones. Head gaskets can be blown from overheating, either because other parts of the cooling system are faulty or because the car is driven too hard. If you need any of these repairs, bring them to Chardon Square Auto & Body for professional service.

Be Careful Removing The Radiator Cap!
The radiator’s heat and pressure build up to dangerous levels when a car is running. Serious injury can come from removing the cap from a hot engine. If too much pressure has built up, removing the cap can send boiling water and steam up and out in all directions. Allowing the car to sit for around 30 minutes will ensure the pressure and temperature has dropped to a safe level before you attempt to remove the radiator cap. Most caps have a clear warning label on the outside of the cap itself warning about this important step.


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